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Frequently Asked Questions

What age do you need to be to participate in classes?


We host a wide variety of classes. Children 10 and up can attend most cooking classes if they would feel comfortable learning along with adults. We do host several kids only classes each month. Our Plant Crafts (self guided activity) are available for all ages, although children may need assistance from a grown up to follow recipe card and some skills. 

I have food allergies. Can I attend a class or purchase from your shop?


YES!!! We are allergy aware, and nearly all of our products are top allergen free. We do have a couple products that do contain nuts, but all products are gluten, dairy, soy, corn, egg, and shellfish free. If we are hosting a class, we will list top allergens in the class description. In many cases you can inquire if the recipe will be adaptable to you during class. Most of the time the answer would be yes.

Are private classes available.


Yes. Private classes and events are available upon request. We can accommodate up to 12 persons in a class, and are just as happy to host one or two. Grab some friends, schedule a team building activity or bring your kiddo.